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Problem: ColdFusion and MS-SQL NTEXT Returning Empty String

ColdFusion Or MS-SQL Returning [Empty String] Value For NTEXT

Oh MicroSoft, why must you be the bane of my existence? Seriously, if it's not your buggy web browsers, then it's using another one of your products. And this time it's MS-SQL. Ok, in all seriousness, I'm really not 100% sure if this is MicroSoft's fault or perhaps Adobe's ColdFusion. But either way this one through me for a loop. (And on a side note, why does it seem like this crap always happens on a Monday)

If you have been forced to use MS-SQL on one of your projects. And perhaps you've been banging your head up against your computer monitor for the past three hour, because you've been trying to pull data from an NTEXT column and it keeps coming back as an [empty string], then boy do I have a solution for you.

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Table of ASCII Characters and Symbols For ColdFusion

A Single Table Listing All The HTML Entities and ASCII Codes

I needed a simple table that listed out all the ASCII entities and their decimal codes for ColdFusion the other day. Doing a little Googling, it seemed like every single table out there broke the list into different groups and not all of them seemed complete. So I figured I would make my own and share it.

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CJ File Browser 3.1 Released!

My Attempt At The Ultimate Image/File Manager.

Finally, after two weeks of non-stop work, I have finally released version 3.1 of CJ File Browser, my image/file manager that can be used as a tinyMCE plug-in or be used in stand-alone mode. To anyone that downloaded the previous couple of versions, let me apologize to you.

Since the very first release of my ColdFusion File Manager, I have always tried to make it simple and easy for people to figure out how to use it. When I converted the code to make it a tinyMCE plug-in, it added a layer of complexity that I never really had time to deal with. The result of that led me down the path of releasing a bunch of sub-par projects to the public.

A few weeks ago, I decided I was going to re-write some of the code and try to clean things up a little bit. I quickly released version 3.0, found some little bugs and released version 3.0.1. Well, I got to be honest with you. That one was pure crap. And for that, I apologize.

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Guide To Creating Your Own CJ File Browser Handler Engine Plug-in

Create Your Own Handler Engine for CJ File Browser 3.1

One of the main features of CJ File Browser is the capability to use various server technologies besides ColdFusion, to handle all the server calls. In order to do this, you may need to create your own plug-in for the new Handler Engine System. This guide will provide you with the layout, required functions and function responses that are needed in order to do this.

Unfortunately, in order for you to create your own Handler Engine plug-in, you are going to need at least some basic knowledge of programming language. There's just to much going on on the functions to effectively explain it all here. You are going to need to be able to open up one of the existing handler engine plug-ins to get a grasp of what it's doing. If any of this is not making sense, then don't hesitate to ask a question. I'm more than happy to provide any insight into making these!

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Monday Morning Teaser

CJFileBrowser 3: Multi-Platform, More Functions, Cool New Interface and More!

How's that for a teaser. Stay tuned!

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