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Adobe Illustrator Version of the Final Shuttle Lift-Off

The Final Space Shuttle Lift-Off and the Adobe Illustrator Cloud Study

I've been knee deep in coding for the past few months and was starting to go a little bonkers. I needed a few breaks this week and one of the things I like to do, when my brain is fried, is take things to a whole different dicipline. For me, that happens to be graphics. I came across the photo taken by Stefanie Gordon of the final Space Shuttle lift off and I thought that it would make a nice Adobe illustrator study because of all the clouds (I've been on a weird cloud kick lately!)

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We're You Surprised?

At One Point I Wanted To Be A Cartoonist

I found this the other day looking through some of my older stuff. Not sure why, but I think this is funny. My younger self seems to have a whacked sense of humor.

we're you surprised?

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Yap, cool coftware and now a Cool website to go along with it!

Yap is a pioneer in cloud-based automated speech recognition. And when they needed to update their website, they came to the pioneer in web-design and development... well maybe not a pioneer, but I think we did a pretty nifty job.

I'm as proud of the design as I am as what we put under the hood. Of course, you can't see that aspect of it, but trust me, there's some pretty cool content management going on here. All the code is optimized to ensure a small footprint and quick load times.

Check it out at and let me know what you think.

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Behind The Graphic Design Scenes: The Billy Bucket Logo

A Step-By-Step Description of How the "Billy Bucket" Logo Came To Life

As some of you may already know, we here at Creative Juices Bo. Co. do a lot more than just web design. We happen to be a full-fledge graphic design company to boot. And to our delight, one of our clients, The Library Annex, in St. Louis, Missouri, was in need of a new logo for a novelty drink they were about to introduce. You may have taken a gander at one of our recent post where we posted all the different mock-ups we did for the Flannery's logo. Sometimes logo inspiration comes easy, sometimes not. Fortunately, the design for the "Billy Bucket" wasn't to difficult and didn't have the need to make a gazillion logo mock-ups. The following write-up, breaks down the steps that were taken to come up with the final concept and design.

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Improving Bad Design Work

Photoshop And A Little Design Sense Can Do No Wrong

A friend of mine was in need of a little design help the other day on a postcard she had. Unfortunately, she didn't have the original artwork or photo. No worries, I got mad skills.

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