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Guide To Creating Your Own CJ File Browser Handler Engine Plug-in

Create Your Own Handler Engine for CJ File Browser 3.1

One of the main features of CJ File Browser is the capability to use various server technologies besides ColdFusion, to handle all the server calls. In order to do this, you may need to create your own plug-in for the new Handler Engine System. This guide will provide you with the layout, required functions and function responses that are needed in order to do this.

Unfortunately, in order for you to create your own Handler Engine plug-in, you are going to need at least some basic knowledge of programming language. There's just to much going on on the functions to effectively explain it all here. You are going to need to be able to open up one of the existing handler engine plug-ins to get a grasp of what it's doing. If any of this is not making sense, then don't hesitate to ask a question. I'm more than happy to provide any insight into making these!

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Manually Add Items To The WP-eCommerce Gold Cart

WP-eCommerce Gold Cart Plug-In Hack

A friend of mine asked if I could help him out with a project he was working on. He had a client who was trying to sell some products online and the previous developers gave him exactly what he asked for. And unfortunately all they asked for was a way that their visitors could fill out a form to purchase a product. They didn't ask for the ability to view orders, update products, customer data retention, etc.

The problem was that the client really wanted a shopping cart. Something that he could use to manage his business, but because my friend and his client are a little new to the online world, they didn't specify what they wanted to the developer. And unfortunately this developer didn't take any initiative to offer additional options and suggestions.

So I took a look at the website and I realized what the developer had done, which to say the least, wasn't a lot. They basically had a form, and a PHP page that processed the form data. They didn't even take the time to e-mail the customer a receipt. Sheesh. Oh well, I told my friend that I'd look around and see if there was an off-the-shelf PHP solution that could help them out. I'll be the first to tell you that I do not specialize in coding in PHP. My background is ColdFusion, but I've done a few little PHP sites in the past and to be quite honest, I'm not scared to dive into PHP and figure something out. I have a theory, and that is if you know programming logic, you can pretty much program in any language as long as you have good reference material. Hello Google!

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