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A New CJ File Browser Released

A ColdFusion File Manager That You Can Use With TinyMCE or In Standalone Mode

CJ File Browser Screen Shot (cjFileBrowser)Well boys and girls, It's been over two years since the last time I released a version of my ColdFusion file manager. Where has the time gone? Today I would like to introduce CJ File Browser version 3.0. Not only can you use it as a plug-in with TinyMCE, but now you can also use it in standalone mode. Of course, the standalone mode will require a little tweaking on your part!

When I first released my file browser 5 years ago, I had one goal. To provide you with a basic ColdFusion File Browser so you could modify it, create your own or just delve into the code to learn how it works. That goal hasn't changed, but this one definitely is not simple. It's using a ColdFusion component as the file handler engine, jQuery to make the JavaScript easier to code and a few new options to ensure a secure deployment.

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Branding: How To Make A Logo

Logo Design Steps

So, if you read in one of my past articles, a bar/restaurant in Italy is using a logo I designed for one of my clients. They modified it somewhat, but its quite obvious that they stole it. I do a lot of logos, some I'm proud of, some I'm not. But this one, the Flannery's logo, I'm somewhat proud of.

When designing a logo, usually the client has a pretty solid idea of what they want. As the designer, it's your job to take what they say and help them reach that vision. This particular logo job was a little different, the client really didn't know what they wanted. All the really knew was what they didn't like. So it was my job to come up with a design, present the mock-ups and continue based on the feedback I received.

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I just put the wraps on phase one of a new boxing news website. Check it out at

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Logo Theft!

Logo Identity Theft

Not sure if I should be a little flattered or pissed off, but a friend discovered a restaurant in Italy that stole one of my clients logos. (One in which I designed).

Stolen Flannery's Logo

They're just using it on a Facebook profile, but still it's a little insulting because they did such a bad job on it.

Real Flannery's Logo

[Updated: 01-25-10 02:59PM]

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Crisis: New York Underwater

Supposed to be a pretty cool new show.

Crisis: New York Underwater

Poster graphics provided by yours truly! Be sure to checkout the message boards after the show.

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