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Table of ASCII Characters and Symbols For ColdFusion

A Single Table Listing All The HTML Entities and ASCII Codes

I needed a simple table that listed out all the ASCII entities and their decimal codes for ColdFusion the other day. Doing a little Googling, it seemed like every single table out there broke the list into different groups and not all of them seemed complete. So I figured I would make my own and share it.

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I Can't Make It Better, If I Don't Know What's Wrong!

I've been slowly making improvements to the website over the past month. Trying to get it to a point where it wont be in the "beta" stage. I know there's still a lot to do, but I was hoping to get a lot more feedback from users than what I've received so far. Which is nothing.

I'm noticing some weird user habits, that I'm not sure if it's my site design or this is just what people tend to do on blogs. But, I'm noticing:

People are using the contact form, instead of posting comments.

Is the comment form to hard to see? Is it to confusing? Are you getting any errors using it?

People are not registering.

This is to be expected, but I'm getting a lot of repeat users, so why are you not registering? Is the registration link to hard to see? Are you getting errors?

People have not subscribed to ANY blog or project post.

For some of the people that have registered and posted a comment, asking a question, they have not subscribed. Not sure why, again is it to hard to see? Not working?

My ultimate goal is to make the website a great experience for everyone, but I can't get to that point unless I get some feedback. If you have something that's bugging you about the site, please let me know. I would appreciate it.

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Behind The Graphic Design Scenes: The Billy Bucket Logo

A Step-By-Step Description of How the "Billy Bucket" Logo Came To Life

As some of you may already know, we here at Creative Juices Bo. Co. do a lot more than just web design. We happen to be a full-fledge graphic design company to boot. And to our delight, one of our clients, The Library Annex, in St. Louis, Missouri, was in need of a new logo for a novelty drink they were about to introduce. You may have taken a gander at one of our recent post where we posted all the different mock-ups we did for the Flannery's logo. Sometimes logo inspiration comes easy, sometimes not. Fortunately, the design for the "Billy Bucket" wasn't to difficult and didn't have the need to make a gazillion logo mock-ups. The following write-up, breaks down the steps that were taken to come up with the final concept and design.

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Problem: IE8 Caching AJAX Results

Internet Explorer 8 Is Having Problems Caching Returned JSON Results

As you all know, I released CJ File Browser 3.1 the other day and I thought I had tested the heck out of it. Well, a user discovered that it wasn't working properly in IE8. The script relies heavily on jQueries getJSON function to communicate with the handler engine (The code the does all the grunt work for the browser). The problem was occurring when the user uploaded or deleted the file. He had to close the browser window and the re-open it to see the results.

Immediately, I knew it was a caching issue. My first guess was the HTML file that handles the browser layout needed to have the no-caching META tags placed in the header. I added those, but the problem still persisted. Then it dawned on me, I had a similar problem with Safari and a problem it was having with caching iFrame content. This was solved by adding a simple URL parameter with it's value set to the current time. Safari would then see that something was different and would no longer cache the page.

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Improving Bad Design Work

Photoshop And A Little Design Sense Can Do No Wrong

A friend of mine was in need of a little design help the other day on a postcard she had. Unfortunately, she didn't have the original artwork or photo. No worries, I got mad skills.

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