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I Appreciate It Guys, I Really Do!

CJBoCo Fan Appreciation Day!

I'm not sure if its my work or perhaps my extremely busy social life, but sometimes I forget why I do this whole "blog" thing. When thinking back to the day when I created my very first blog entry over 7 years ago, I don't think I really fathomed the warmth and sense of community I was about to give life too. It trully has been remarkable. You see, I started this blog for one reason and one reason only. To give back to the tech community that had been so generous and giving to me when I was struggling to figure things out in my early programming days. It was the only way I could think of to say "thank you" to the hundreds of the anonymous internet people that helped me out.

Over the years people have have questioned why I do a blog. They wonder why I don't fill my website with Google ads and make money off my traffic. They say, I should be making money for my time, work and advice instead of just "giving" it away for free. I try to tell them that I wouldn't be where I am today, if it wasn't for others that did the same thing during the early days of the internet, but alas they just laugh at me a call me a fool.

What they don't realize is that I get some satisfaction out of helping people out. Its one of those "Good for the Soul" type of thing. As I witness more and more "content-farms" taking over Google search terms for "tech" related information, I feel as if these types of sites are slowy fading away. Well, let it be known, I will keep doing this as long as I can!

I'm sure people come to this site and think that I'm some kind of anonymous wizard behind the curtain, but I always reply to queries and give help whenever I can. Over the years, the CJBoCo community has grown leaps and bounds and it hasn't just been a one-way streak. Messages, with warmth, love and intelligence, pour into my in-box almost daily. It's trully heart warming. Heck, just this evening I received this...

Fuck Your Plugin

It brings tears to my eyes. Thank you sir or maam, thank you very much and remember, I DO THIS FOR YOU!!!