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Lion Server. The Little App That Should, But Doesn't.

I've Given Up on Mac OS X Lion Server 10.7... For Now.

As some of you may know, I run a small development server that I use for my clients. Today I thought I would try to upgrade it to the new 10.7 Lion Server and see if I could get Railo up and running. Well, eight hours and three clean installs later, I have utterly given up. I never got to a point where I could even start playing around with Railo. All of my time was spent trying to get the server up and running properly.

I'm not one to gripe much, but I'm slowly seeing a pattern with Apple that I don't particularly like. I'm not sure if it's management or their programming teams, but the famous Apple "polish" seems to be slowly diminishing on some of their projects. And by some, I don't mean everything. I've upgraded my normal work flow computers to 10.7 and so far I'm not having any issues. But the Server software, well, I can only describe it as a fancy dialog box, that hides a horrendously buggy, poorly thought out and lacking major features piece of software.

I understand that Apple is "shifting" to be a more consumer friendly company and along the way they were going to ruffle a few "pro" feathers. But seriously, I'm their target audience. I'm not really a techie professional, I'm a small business. I'm someone that doesn't want to fool around with things under the hood, I just wants things to work and today that wasn't the case.

My hopes of creating a better environment for my server needs have been squashed for the time being, but hopefully Apple will pull their heads out and get back to making great software. Until then, I think Mr. Jobs should have a nice little talk with the Lion Server team the same way he talked to the MobileMe team after it's launch.