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TinyMCE HTML5 Media Plug-In 0.0.1

A plug-in for TinyMCE to manager the new HTML5 video tag

HTML5 Media Plug-In for TinyMCE is a modification of MoxieCode's built inmedia plug-in to allow HTML5's new <video> and <source> tags. It's far from perfect and there are a few known drawbacks with this first release. The biggest issue is that the plug-in GUI dialog doesn't allow you to easily add/edit multiple <source> elements. It should be easy enough to integrate, but I wanted to release the code to make sure there are no other major issues before I continued.

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CJ Site Radar 0.0.6

A Live Visual Representation Of Website Visitors and Tracking

CJ Site Radar - Live visitor tracking

CJ Site Radar, formally CJ Website Visitor Tracking, is an experimental tool to help you visualize the live traffic on your website. This project is using a variety of technologies, including jQuery, Processing.js and ColdFusion. It should work with any modern web browser. But do to the fact that this is an experimental too, Internet Explorer is not supported at this time. (It can be, I'm just being lazy!)

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