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CJ Image Video Previewer 1.1.1

A JQuery Plug-In to Display A Series of Image Frames, Like A Video Previewer

CJ Image Video Previewer is meant to mimic the video preview boxes you see on many Video sites. It displays a block that contains an image thumbnail and when the user moves their cursor of the box, it dynamically loads and then displays a group of images in sequence. Kind of like a flip-book. This is an excellent way to provide an preview of the video, without the user actually downloading the video file.

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CJ Flashy Slide Show 2.1.1

A JQuery Plugin That Gives Your Slide Shows Some Flash-Like Transitions

CJ Flashy Slideshow, Add Flash like transitions with jquery.

CJ Flashy Slide Show is a JQuery plugin that allows you to create a photo slide show that has some "flash-like" transitional effects. The plugin has various settings which you can manipulate to achieve a multitude of effects, such as sizing, timing, transparency and shape style. Integration is a snap, you basically create a set of images and wrap it within a simple container. Unlike most Flash solutions you do not need to create an external XML file or embed your images within a hard-to-change Flash project.

This version fixes various issues reported by users as well as incorporating a few new features. I've also rewrote the plug-in to incorporate a brand new framework which should be more compatible with other libraries.

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CJ Session Timer 3.1

A jQuery Session Time-Out Timer and Session Extender

CJ Session Timeout Session Monster

Let's set up a problem I like to call the ColdFusion 30 Minute Session Limit monster. You have a secure back-end management page. It allows your client to edit a portion of their website content. One of the edit fields is using tinyMCE so the client can change an entire page worth of content. They start banging away at the keyboard, typing out what is sure to be the greatest webpage in the history of the internet. They take a phone call, talk for a bit and then jump right back to typing. It's truly awe inspiring. They finish and go down to click "submit". The form posts the data and BAM! Sorry, the session timed-out. Silly client, didn't you know you are on a shared ColdFusion hosting plan and the ISP has only given you a maximum of 30 minutes to do all your work!

No longer are you going to be bound to the maximum session time set by your ISP...

Yeah, admit it, we've all been there. I'm sure you took care of the problem by either telling them to type it in DreamWeaver first and then copy and paste it into the field, or maybe you're super talented and created some sort of time consuming coding trick to save the data for them. Either way, it's a pain in the ass. Well, no more. Again, I have worked countless hours in my secret underground programming lab and have come up with a solution that is sure to win me a Nobel prize. Maybe even a date with Jennifer Aniston. No longer are you going to be bound to the maximum session time set by your ISP, this plug-in gets around that limitation! Yeah, its that cool. OK, maybe not that cool.

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CJ Object Scaler 3.0

A JQuery Plug-In to Scale Objects to Fit or Fill Within Another Object

CJ Object Scaler scale-to-fit and scale-to-fill examples.

CJ Object Scaler will scale an object to either fit or fill within the boundaries of a destination object. I based this plug-in off another JavaScript project I made awhile back, you can read what it does in the CJ Image: Easily Calculate Image Scaling blog enry. It was a nice little function that would help you calculate the size and offsets to use when scaling an image to fit (or fill) within another element. It didn't actually do any scaling, per say, it merely provided you with the numeric amounts to use. The function introduced two scaling methods, Scale To Fit and Scale To Fill.

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CJ Simple Slideshow 3.0

A Simple Cross-Fade Slideshow Plug-In for JQuery

JQuery Plug-In: Simple Slideshow v3.0

It's been a long and interesting journey since I first wrote the first CJ Simple Slideshow. As you may or may not know, this was literally my first attempt at writing a jQuery plug-in. And as luck would have it, I needed to use it for a project I'm currently working on. The problem is, it sucks. I've never claimed to be a jQuery expert. I'm basically just like you, a simple web developer learning and experimenting with the awesomness that is jQuery. Trying to implement version 2.1.1, I soon realized how sucky it was. I was doing a lot of things in javascript that I could have done a lot easier in jQuery. So I took it upon myself to fix this terrible wrong that I have bestowed upon the world and present you with CJ Simple Slideshow v3.0. New, improved and full of slideshow might! It's now about 30% smaller than the previous versions. So you have a nice lightweight footprint to boot.

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