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CJ Sparkly 1.0

A Quartz Composer Image Filter Composition to Add Sparkles to Your Image

Sad? Depressed? Lonely? Well let Sparkly add some sunshine to your life!

Sparkly - A Quartz Composer Image Filter (Before) Sparkly - A Quartz Composer Image Filter (After)

Sparkly is an image filter to be used with Apple's Quartz Composer. If you don't know what Quartz Composer is, then don't worry. This is not the CJBoCo project you are looking for. But for those of you that are in the know, then here's a little present to brighten your day. I have been dabbling with Pixelmator trying to wean myself of all things Adobe. One of the features I like, is that Pixelmator allows you to use Quartz filters. One of the things I like about Quartz filters is that you can create your own. But alas, it seems as if the Pixelmator community is lacking in people making some of these filters available to the public. Well, not anymore.

I spent an entire day playing around in Quartz Composer trying to figure things out and my first offering is a little filter to add sparkles to your images. Please bare in mind, that this is my first attempt at doing anything like this, so please don't yell at me if it doesn't work correctly. And for Pete's sake, please don't barrage me with a thousand questions about how the inner workings of Quartz Composer works, I still am very, very green at this.

Download it on the sidebar and then install it in your Compositions folder either here:


... or here:


Let me know if you like it. Open it up in Quartz Composer to see what I did and if you see room for imporvement, let me know! Enjoy!