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CJ Site Radar 0.0.6

A Live Visual Representation Of Website Visitors and Tracking

CJ Site Radar - Live visitor tracking

CJ Site Radar, formally CJ Website Visitor Tracking, is an experimental tool to help you visualize the live traffic on your website. This project is using a variety of technologies, including jQuery, Processing.js and ColdFusion. It should work with any modern web browser. But do to the fact that this is an experimental too, Internet Explorer is not supported at this time. (It can be, I'm just being lazy!)

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CJ Parse Tools 3.0.1

A Collection of jQuery String Parsing Functions

CJ Parse Tools is a jQuery plug-in that contains a collection of various parsing functions to help you convert strings to various formats. Tools include converting HTML markup and Latin 1 entities to Ascii, converting a string to valid XML Latin 1 entities and converting ASCII back to HTML & XML entities. Essentially if you need to convert something like & to &, then this JQuery plugin is for you.

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CJ Simpler Slideshow 1.0

A Simpler Cross-Fade Slideshow Plug-In for JQuery

JQuery Plug-In: CJ Simpler Slideshow v1.0

CJ Simpler Slideshow is a basic slideshow plug-in for jQuery. It dissolves between a series of images located within a user defined block. This project is based off another one of my projects, CJ Simple Slideshow. I had a few request to allow the user to supply links for some of the images. The only problem with changing the other project was that it wasn't a simple fix, so I decided to create a brand new plug-in based on it. The other plug-in was designed to use a mouseOver to pause the script. This interfered with any mouseClicks, so a new project was decided upon.

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Spammy 1.1

Mango Blog Plugin to Prevent Spam Comments

Mango Blog Comment Spam Keyword Filtering

Meet Spammy! a fairly straight forward spam filter for comments. I need to do some more work, but I wanted to go ahead and release it, because I don't know when I'll have more time to play with it. Check it out and let me know if anyone has any suggestions or problems.

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CJ Image 1.0

Easily Calculate Image Scaling to Fit or Fill a Destination Box

CJ Image: An Image Scaling Algorithm

One of the most requested functions that my customers seem to ask, is that they want to upload their own images to the website. Technically, it's not difficult, especially if your using a server technology like ColdFusion, php, etc, but from a design perspective, it's a big headache. When designing a website, you create "blocks" (for lack of a better term) that are either going to be used for text or images. You might use an image editing programing like Adobe® Photoshop® to scale and crop the images to make sure they load fast and fit into the block's dimensions. Unfortunately, most of our customers do not have these tools and wind up trying to upload an image that are to large and weren't really designed to fit within our designated "block".

We needed to create a function that would take our customers uploaded image and scale it into these blocks. Not knowing what the customer was going to upload, we had to create something that was dynamic enough to adapt to what ever size the final destination image was going to be and also to the source image the user uploads.

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