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Tutorial: Realistic Vector Hair 1.0

How To Make Realistic Looking Hair in Illustrator

That's a fairly bold statement, but what the heck, I'm still a tad bit cocky after making my cool biker jacket graphic. As promised, I have another fun tutorial for you. As the title so boldly states, this one is going to walk you through the steps to make your very own realistic vector hair. Unfortunately, I'm not going to show you every frick'n step that was involved to make the cover graphic, but instead show you the steps taken to create the main parts of it. Hopefully, with this knowledge you should be able to create your own cool artwork with hair.

Realistic Vector Hair Tutorial

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Illustrator Brushes: Thorns 1.0

A Set of Thorny Brushes for Illustrator

Yep, another stupid title, but to think that's the only thing you have to endure to get some awesome Adobe Illustrator brushes. In this set you'll find a scary set of thorny brushes to give any of your projects a dangerous edge! Once again, these were made using CS3, so give them a try and let me know what you think. Enjoy!

CJ Tentacle Brushes v1.0 (AI)

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Illustrator Brushes: Tentacles 1.0

A Set of Tentacle Brushes for Illustrator

Yeah, I know... that's a pretty pathetic title, but you try coming up with something with the word "tentacle" in it! Well, I have some more goodies for you, some slippery, slimy, stringy, tentacle thingeys. I didn't know what else to call them, but they reminded me of tentacles, so here you go. They were designed in Adobe Illustrator CS3, so they should work from there on up. Enjoy!

CJ Tentacle Brushes v1.0 (AI)

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Photoshop Brushes: Clear Tape 1.0

A Set of Clear Tape Brushes for Photoshop

I've been making some nice little brushes over the past few months and the first set I would like to share is a very basic set of clear tape brushes.

CJ Photoshop Clear Tape Brushes

They were made to work with Photoshop CS3, but if you would like them in another format let me know.

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CJ Hitman 1.1

Track Website File Downloads and Links Using ColdFusion

If you are looking to track file downloads or url links on your website or blog, here's a quick tutorial on how you can add your very own link manager.

First thing we need to do is to create a simple database table that will keep track of our file downloads. I use mySQL, so that's the example I'm going to provide, but it's simple enough that you should be able to modify it to suit your other DB needs. You can name your table whatever you like, but be sure to update it throughout all the files.

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