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CJ File Browser 2.0

A ColdFusion Image/File Browser for TinyMCE

Project Description

CJ File Browser is a very basic, ColdFusion based, image/file browser implemented to be used with TinyMCE. If you don't know what TinyMCE is, it's one of the best web based Javascript HTML WYSIWYG editor out there. It's simple to use and easy to implement, but they never had any decent documentation on how to incorporate an image browser using ColdFusion.

This is the newest BETA version of CJ File Browser that's a plug-in for tinyMCE. Give it a try and let me know of any problems. Not a lot of documentation yet, but I plan on adding to this in the future.

Release Notes

This is meant to be a starter file so you can learn how to implement the file browser. It has the bare minimum to function. This means it works, but is not meant to be a final solution by any means.