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CJ Image Video Previewer 1.0.2

A JQuery Plug-In to Display A Series of Image Frames, Like A Video Previewer

Project Description

CJ Image Video Previewer is meant to mimic the video preview boxes you see on many Video sites. It displays a block that contains an image thumbnail and when the user moves their cursor of the box, it dynamically loads and then displays a group of images in sequence. Kind of like a flip-book. This is an excellent way to provide an preview of the video, without the user actually downloading the video file.

The plugin has a few options you can pass to it. You can set the delay amount and determine if you want to show the "image loading" progress bar. I'm currently in the middle of re-writing my blog site, so I'm not going to bother posting detailed instructions just yet. Just take a look at the demo source. I've provided three different examples that should help you figure things out. If not, give me a shout out below. Enjoy!