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Opinion: Problems, or The Worst Shared Hosting Company I've Ever Dealt With

First let me say that I understand that no hosting company is going to be perfect. I understand that they have to deal with issues every single day and sometimes an issue may not get resolved immediately. And now that I have gotten that off my chest, let me tell you of my experience with a hosting company called

It all started last year when I finally had it with CrystalTech. CrystalTech's tech support at the time was horrendous. I could no longer deal with the constant site crashes and abysmal support responses. So after a few weeks of scouring the web, I made the decision to move a couple of clients to HostMySite. On average, people were giving them praise and said that their tech support was superb. They were a little more expensive, but I made the assumption that this was the price I had to pay to receive better service. I had my clients buy their top shared hosting ColdFusion 8 plans.

Almost immediately after moving the site over to their server, we began to notice problems. HostMySite uses a ColdFusion server management application called "SeeFusion". I'm not 100% familiar with this program, but from what I can gather it keeps the different sites in check by making sure that they don't overload the server, kill request that take to long and handle server restarts. The error message we started to see was simply called the "java.lang.ThreadDeath" error.

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It's as if every web designer screamed "Hooray!" in unison...

Rarely do I link to news articles, but this is the best news I've heard in 5-6 years...

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Manually Add Items To The WP-eCommerce Gold Cart

WP-eCommerce Gold Cart Plug-In Hack

A friend of mine asked if I could help him out with a project he was working on. He had a client who was trying to sell some products online and the previous developers gave him exactly what he asked for. And unfortunately all they asked for was a way that their visitors could fill out a form to purchase a product. They didn't ask for the ability to view orders, update products, customer data retention, etc.

The problem was that the client really wanted a shopping cart. Something that he could use to manage his business, but because my friend and his client are a little new to the online world, they didn't specify what they wanted to the developer. And unfortunately this developer didn't take any initiative to offer additional options and suggestions.

So I took a look at the website and I realized what the developer had done, which to say the least, wasn't a lot. They basically had a form, and a PHP page that processed the form data. They didn't even take the time to e-mail the customer a receipt. Sheesh. Oh well, I told my friend that I'd look around and see if there was an off-the-shelf PHP solution that could help them out. I'll be the first to tell you that I do not specialize in coding in PHP. My background is ColdFusion, but I've done a few little PHP sites in the past and to be quite honest, I'm not scared to dive into PHP and figure something out. I have a theory, and that is if you know programming logic, you can pretty much program in any language as long as you have good reference material. Hello Google!

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Javascript and I Need Some Closure

JSLint Keeps Warning Me About Calling a Function Within A Loop

I use JSlint to check my JavaScript on a regular bases, most of the time it just for light scripts that I just need to check to make sure that I don't have a typo. But occasionally I check more robust scripts and I find myself presented with an error message that says "Problem at line XXX character XX: Be careful when making functions within a loop. Consider putting the function in a closure".

I know I've come across this in the past and I know that I fixed it, but the problem is I can never remember what the heck I did to fix it. Then I remembered that I have a blog! I can just put it there and never have to search far for the answer ever again!

Here's the problem:

function myHappyFunction() {
   var a = document.getElementsByTagName('a');
   for(var i = 0; i <= a.length - 1; i++) {
      a[i].onclick = function(e) {
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Shared Hosting Woes

ColdFusion Site Timeouts? Check To See If Your Database Server.

Awhile back I had switched one of my clients websites from CrystalTech to HostMySite. The site on CrystalTech was inaccessible at least 2 times a day, due to either a ColdFusion/JRun restart or some other problem. Talking it over with the client, we decided it would be a good time to update their code and move it on over to HostMySite.

Almost immediately, we noticed some speed gains, but again we started to see that the site would go down once a or twice a day. I was starting to wonder if it was my code, but I had been running it internally on my server with no problems at all. My server is about 7 years old with only 1 gig of ram. Surely, if it could run on this junker, it should run fine on our ISP's shared server.

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