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jQuery Editors

Now that I'm diving head deep into jQuery, I've been cruising the intra-web looking at the different plug-ins and extensions for it. I have to admit, there are some pretty impressive scripts out there. One of them caught my eye, mainly since they deal with inline WYSIWYG editors. Its called Small Rich Text Editor, which boast a small footprint (~18k), cross-browser compatibility, Ajax Image upload, HTML clean-up with PHP back-end (bet I could make this for ColdFusion!) and basic Rich Text functionality capabilities.

Small Rich Text Editor

I haven't had any time to play with it, but it looks promising. Once I get some time, I'm going to play with it to see what it can do. But in the meantime, I thought I would share with you guys.

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I've Choosen My Javascript Framework

Hello jQuery! Be Gentle.

Over the past year or so, I've been switching back and forth using two popular javascript frameworks, jQuery and Prototype. I don't always use them, I prefer to make most of my javascript non-dependant, but at times its unavoidable. An example would be trying to do some AJAX stuff, I just find it easier to implement one of the frameworks to handle the grunt work and I just build my script on top of it. For the most part I was leaning towards Prototype.

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A Nice Book On Learning JavaScript

Beginning Javascript with DOM Scripting and AJAX

In my lifetime I can honestly say that I have only bought two books on JavaScript programming. The first one was called "Special Edition: Using JavaScript" [Que-1996]. This was basically a reference book that described, and provided an example of, every function and method in JavaScript at that time. I don't think I have opened this book in about 8 years.

During this time, I have relied heavily on Google to provide information on any new tips and tricks that have come out. If I came across something that intrigued me, I would spend countless hours learning all I could from the internet.

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Problem Using OnFocus and OnBlur Events with FireFox 2.x

Brian comments on FormFieldinator:

...I tried the [FormFieldinator] tester and found some problems. I'm using Firefox

...I get an error message when I tab after pasting invalid text, but it moves to the next field anyway. Shouldn't it stay in that field until it's correct?

I have to admit, I was wondering when someone was going to call me out on this. If your not familiar with FormFieldinator, it was my attempt to create the ultimate JavaScript form and formfield utility library. I developed, what I thought, was a fairly robust set of tools to allow you to capture, validate and format form input. Heck, I even came up with a cool name.

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A Nice Find, Animator.js

It's Like and moo.fx, but Half the Calories

Right before I left on my vacation I came across a very nice JavaScript Animation class called Animator.js. In the past, I've switched between using and moo.fx for various projects, but at times it seemed I would run into problems. Their frameworks sometimes interfere with the latest version of prototype.js, or they were overkill for whatever task I was trying to perform. I think that's why I kind of like Animator.js. It's a self contained class that allows you to perform various animation task. It's lightweight and extremely easy to implement.

I recommend checking out the authors site [BernieCode] to find out more and also, I've created a little demo (edit: deactive) that duplicates one of WebKit's new CSS animations. Check it out and let me know what you think.

Note: It wasn't really explained on Bernie's website, but you need to return window[Animator][Control Function] after you call new Animator() to get the animation to work.

function AnimatorTest() {
   ani = new Animator({duration: 1500})
      .addSubject(new NumericalStyleSubject($('CB'), 'opacity', 0, 1));
   return window['ani']['play'](); // return the ani window variable and intiate "play"
window.addEventListener?window.addEventListener("load", AnimatorTest,false):window.attachEvent("onload", AnimatorTest);

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