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CJBoCo Website Updates: Part III

New and Improved Download Manager

I was getting some comments about the the file downloads not working properly in the CJBoCo Projects Brew House. I've completely re-written the ColdFusion Boko File Download engine. Hopefully this fixes some of the issues people were having. This is a bleeding-edge stuff, so if you have any problems... please let me know ASAP! Thanks.

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CJBoCo Website Updates: Part II

More CJBoCo Website Updates

I made a few updates to the site again today. A few people have been mentioning problems accessing the project demos and downloads. I'm using Fancybox to display the demos inline and I noticed that there was a new version available. In order to get it working I also had to install the latest jQuery 1.4.2 on the site as well. Not sure if this is going to break anything, but since this site is supposed to be a testing ground for the latest available technologies, I figure I might as well make the switch.

If anyones experiences any problem, please let me know.

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CJBoCo Website Updates

Still In Beta, But It's Getting Closer

I tweaked a bunch of stuff on the Creative Juices Bo. Co. website today. The Boko engine is still in it's beta phase, but what doesn't kill it, only makes it stronger. He's a brief break down of what I fixed:

  • The RSS feed is now working.
  • Login/Logout will now keep you on the same page.
  • The password recovery page was broken.
  • Tweaked security settings on all the input forms. (Contact Us, Comments, Registration, etc)
  • Fixed some of the entries which still had old or out-dated links from the previous blog.

The site should run a tad bit smoother for you. If you have any problems, you can always drop me a line on the contact form. Thanks!

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A New CJ File Browser Released

A ColdFusion File Manager That You Can Use With TinyMCE or In Standalone Mode

CJ File Browser Screen Shot (cjFileBrowser)Well boys and girls, It's been over two years since the last time I released a version of my ColdFusion file manager. Where has the time gone? Today I would like to introduce CJ File Browser version 3.0. Not only can you use it as a plug-in with TinyMCE, but now you can also use it in standalone mode. Of course, the standalone mode will require a little tweaking on your part!

When I first released my file browser 5 years ago, I had one goal. To provide you with a basic ColdFusion File Browser so you could modify it, create your own or just delve into the code to learn how it works. That goal hasn't changed, but this one definitely is not simple. It's using a ColdFusion component as the file handler engine, jQuery to make the JavaScript easier to code and a few new options to ensure a secure deployment.

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