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Adobe Illustrator Version of the Final Shuttle Lift-Off

The Final Space Shuttle Lift-Off and the Adobe Illustrator Cloud Study

I've been knee deep in coding for the past few months and was starting to go a little bonkers. I needed a few breaks this week and one of the things I like to do, when my brain is fried, is take things to a whole different dicipline. For me, that happens to be graphics. I came across the photo taken by Stefanie Gordon of the final Space Shuttle lift off and I thought that it would make a nice Adobe illustrator study because of all the clouds (I've been on a weird cloud kick lately!)

Anyway, it turned out pretty cool and I thought I would share a nice animated GIF of all the layers. Let me know what you think.

Final Shuttle Lift-Off in Adobe Illustrator

...and here's a nicer jpg.

Adobe Illustrator Final Shuttle Lift-Off