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Hello Again... Again.

Creative Juices Website Redesign, Act II

The past few months has been crazy. When I teased you a awhile back about relaunching the website, I didn't realize the amount of work I was about to undertake. Not with redesigning the site, but with my normal work load for my company. I've been working non-stop on client projects and I just didn't have time to tackle the giant task of redesigning and switching over the Create Juices website.

Well, I finally had a few spare hours and I decided to complete the task. So here it is, the new and improved (hopefully) Creative Juices website. The big difference is that I decided to switch the blog from Ray Camden's BlogCFC to the open source Mango Blog engine. So far I'm very impressed. I think this is going to allow me to post and organize projects a lot easier. Also, I love the fact that Mango allows me to create themes. This is going to allow me some freedom to stylize the site anyway I like.

Where did everything go?

I've decided that I'm going to organize the projects in their own pages, instead of leaving them in a post entry. This makes more sense, since I update these frequently and you should be able to visit the project page for the most current version, instead of searching through the post to find if something was updated. I need to go through all my post and pull out the project specific ones and place them on their own page. So bare with me for a couple of days while I sort everything out.

And speaking of updates, I have a ton of them. I've updated pretty much everything including CF_iBrowser, Html2Ascii as well as a handful of new ones. I just never had the time or patience to fight with BlogCFC to bother posting them. So expect to see all of these within the next few days. Also, I'm still in the process of moving all the old post and comments over from the old blog, so bare with me, they will be back shortly.

Let me know your thoughts on the new site and as always let me know if you have problems with anything.