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How Would You Improve Wiki?

Improving Upon Wiki

I've been working on a little ColdFusion side project to improve my site for the past couple of days. I wanted to create a Wiki-Like portal that would allow me to post most of my ColdFusion and JavaScript snippets and also give the users the ability to add their own or make improvements by using a wiki like environment. I took a look at Canvas ColdFusion Wiki and I have to be honest, I really don't like working with the ModelGlue framework. I think it's great for some people, but I like to keep things simple.

It sounded fairly easy and I basically have the framework in place. My problem is when I came to the wiki parser. First I have to admit that I haven't used wiki's extensively. When I have, I always thought the wiki mark-up language was a little complex and cumbersome. And this has been reinforced since I began looking into parsing the language.

I've now come to a cross-roads:

  1. Do I duplicate the wiki-markup language exactly?
  2. Do I create an entirely new system taking the bits and parts from wiki and other formating systems?

I've been leaning towards #2. And since I was going to do that, I started thinking what are some of the other improvements that could be made to a Wiki style site. At this point, I really need to put a call out to the community to give me some feedback. I would like to hear what you guys think.

Here's my thoughts:

  1. Improved the mark-up langage.
  2. User management, with different levels of permissions for various task.
  3. Straight ColdFusion templates to be used for top level pages (users should never have to edit these anyways)
  4. True template pages that can be used for different styled pages.

I would like to here from you guys to know what your thoughts are. So if you have anything to add, let me know below. Also, I plan on making this open source once I have a working version of it.