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Mr. Smith Resigns From Washington

Well, he didn't resign from Washington, but he did from Missouri. For those of you not familiar with the situation, I worked on a documentary project awhile back that followed a 2004 congressional race between Jeff Smith and Russ Carnahan in Missouri. I handled all the graphics and design for the marketing material as well as some other stuff. Jeff wound up losing this race with Carnahan, but eventually went on to win a seat in the Missouri state senate. This was largely possible because of the success of the "Can Mr. Smith Get To Washington Anymore?" documentary. After the movie, there wasn't to many people that didn't know who Jeff Smith was.

The movie portrayed Jeff as a very charismatic, for-the-people type of guy. You couldn't resist liking him after you met him. Unfortunately, looks can be a little deceiving, because apparently Jeff was a very bad guy.

St. Louis Post Dispatch - Matson Cartoon

I don't want to go into the details here, I feel that the newspapers are doing a fine job of that. You might want to check out a few articles at the St. Louis Post Dispatch to see what's going on. I did want to say, that I'm very flattered that my work was lampooned for an editorial cartoon. The image above was drawn by RJ Matson, who is a great editorial cartoonist for The St. Louis Post Dispatch, The New York Observer and Roll Call.

Jeff Smith Movie Poster

You know you did a good job with your graphic design when its referenced in this manner. Apparently the people can relate with the imagery. So I'm happy for me, but not so much for Mr. Smith.

[EDIT] As a side note, I had nothing to do with his campaign. I was only involved with the documentary because I am friends with the director, Frank Popper. I normally stay away from any work that involves politics.