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My Blog Dilemma

Mango vs. BlogCFC

Awhile back I switched my blog from BlogCFC to Mango Blog. The reason I made the switch was simple. I wanted more control over the layout and BlogCFC seemed overly complicated for this task. I have been patiently waiting for version 6, that Raymond Camden has been hinting at for the past 6 months. (Maybe even a year). This version was supposedly more geared towards using templates. As exciting as this news was, it seemed as the progress was moving slowly. And I had to make a decision on my own blog, hence I made a switch.

I really like some aspects of Mango Blog, especially their plug-in architecture and their administration controls. But at the same time, I miss some of the more robust features the BlogCFC had, like subscriptions, stats, etc. And another key point, was that BlogCFC would never pass the W3C's XHTML Validator. It was laced with errors and warning. Mango on the other hand was perfect in that aspect.

For all the plusses Mango had, lately it seems as if it's not enough. So, I have been giving BlogCFC a second look. The other night I decided to download version 5.9.2 and take a look at what improvements were added. It seemed as if he cleaned some stuff up, but it still was not passing the validation test. I went ahead and installed it on our development server and took it upon myself to go through all the code a make sure everything passes. I wound up editing about 50 files. I cleaned (reformatted) the CSS files. There were a few <style> tags in the <body> content of a few pods. So those needed to be moved to the style.css where the belong. After about an hours or so of tinkering everything finally passed. I was happy!


Wouldn't you know, Ray decided to update to version 5.9.3. If you heard a loud scream the other night, that was me. Once again, I downloaded the latest version and went through the entire process one more time. Actually, it wasn't all that bad since I caught a few things I missed last time (heigh"50" instead of height="50", huh?). So once again I now have the latest version and it completly passes the W3C XHTML validation test.

I decided to contact Ray to see if he was interested in obtaining this version. He contacted me back, but I haven't heard from him since. It would be great if these changes were incorporated into his build, that way I wouldn't have to do this each time there's an update. You can always check out the BlogCFC Blog to see what he decides to do. Who knows, maybe it will happen?