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The Ultimate openWYSIWYG Editor (Their words, not mine)

WYSIWYG Cross Browser Editor

I came across this pretty nifty in-page HTML editor tonight called openWYSIWYG. The claim it was the ultimate cross-browser editor, but it didn't support Apple's Safari browser. Go figure. I liked it though. It's small and light and so far it seems like you can modify it fairly easily. Compared to FCKEditor or TinyMCE, which seems like brain surgery whenever I poke around in their code.

Well as of tonight, the Safari limitation has been changed. I have successfully modified the source to allow my brethren to enjoy it as well.

This has been tested (but not thouroghly) on the following browsers:

Safari v3.1.1, FireFox (Mac OS X)
Internet Explorer 6 & 7, FireFox (Windows XP)

I don't think this is going to work on any pre-3.0 Safari browsers, because WebKit didn't have the needed functions to make this style of editing possible, but if people can try it out and let me know, I'll add em to the list.

Be sure to check out openWYSIWYG at to find out more about this cool lil editor.

P.S. If this thing really works well, then I plan on porting CF_iBrowser to it!

The Source

openWYSIWYG (Safari Edition) v1.4.7 [Edit: link dead until I can port the project over to the new site]

[UPDATE 6-13-2008] Fixed table, image, etc. insert. But it doesn't work if the content window is blank in Safari. Add some text, then try it. I'm still working on it, so let me know if you can help or if your getting some kind of error.

[Update 6-16-2008] I'm aware of the alert that says "Problems encountered loading the popup window." on the table insert. Won't be able to track down the bug until Monday. Sorry!! (If you figure it out let me know)

[Update 6-16-2008] Ok, before I left for my vacation, I had to fix the "loading pop-up" error. It still has the "Blank Content" issue, but you should no longer see the other alert. (I'll work on the other issue when I get back!)

[Update 6-23-2008] I fixed the annoying Safari bug that was occurring when you try to do a TABLE insert into a blank editor window!