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Update, openWYSIWYG Is Now Working With Safari

I fixed the bugs, now what?

Well, I'm back, relaxed and dove straight into working on the Safari fix for openWYSIWYG. I figured out the issue when attempting to insert a new TABLE into a blank editor window. That little bug has been squashed. You can grab the the Safari version by visiting this CJBoCo Brew House.

So, what next? Well, that's a darn good question. I still think this editor needs some improvements to make it more cross-browser friendly, make improvements on the some of the core functions (especially some of the node functions), improve how it handles the HTML code and a few other things that I think it needs help on.

One of the interesting things I discovered while working in the code, is where the original authors pulled some of their core functionality (Or they may have wrote it originally, not pointing any fingeres here). If you visit the Mozilla site, you will find a nice little demo editor that basically resembles our beloved openWYSIWYG editor. Which by the way shares the same Safari bug for the TABLE insert.

Mozilla - Converting an app using document.designMode from IE to Mozilla.
Mozilla - Rich Text Editing Demo

Look familiar? I thought so. This version seems to work rather well for Safari. My guess it that the openWYSIWYG team added the blocks for Safari in their version. All I did was pull the blocks back out.

Anyway, the most update version should work splendidly for everyone. If you run across some problems, please let me know. Keep coming back, because I plan on making even more improvements in the future!