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Welcome to Creative Juices... Again.

Creative Juices LogoWe finally had some downtime and decided to re-work our own website and hope you enjoy the improvements. The first thing you might notice is that we incorporated Raymond Camden's excellent cfcBlog blogging software for ColdFusion. It allowed us to add a true blog to our site, while at the same time allowed us to throw a skin on it that closely resembles our old site.

We hope to update the site with more coding examples of ColdFusion, JavaScript and CSS tricks and hopefully you'll be able to contribute without all the headaches that came with the little website we had before.

As of right now, we have only moved a few of the items over from the old website, please bare with us, our old system was put together with duct tape and bailing wire. (I think there was some Fortran in there too!) Moving the old data into the new system is basically a manual process.

In the future we plan on putting even more of the "things we do" on the site. Apparently a lot of people did not realize that we are a full fledged graphic design house. Go figure. So we're going to be sure to put some of that type of stuff on here as well.

We appreciate you visiting and if you have any questions or comments, please drop us a line and let us know.